Historical Christchurch images

Photographs taken by the Christchurch City Council for reports and publications on the growth of the city and wider environs.

The photographs cover a wide range of years and subjects. The images from the superseded reports and publications contain historical value and tell the story of the development of Christchurch.

Image credit: Everybody's Butchery on Selwyn Street. CCL-ShopArch1232-0134
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Historical Christchurch images
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1988 Shop Dwellings survey

In 1988 a photographic survey was undertaken of shops that have dwellings attached to them.

Image credit: Former grocer on Cashel Street. CCL-PhArch1232-0034

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Aerial views of Christchurch

Aerial views of Christchurch taken for planning purpose and various reports.

Image credit: Looking over Bromley to the coast. CCL-PhArch1232-0033

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Avon-Heathcote Estuary photographs

A selection of photographs taken for various reports on the Avon-Heathcote Estuary..

Image credit: Using the boat ramp. CCL-PhArch1232-0003

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Lincoln Road photographs 1996

A selection of photographs taken in Lincoln Road in 1996.

Image credit: T. Thomson Confectioners Building on Lincoln Road. CCL-PhArch1232-LincolnRoad-0035

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Riccarton Wigram Ward Heritage Site Register

A selection of photographs compiled by Suzanne Doig in 2001 for a register of sites, in the then Riccarton Wigram Ward which had an historical significance.

Image Credit: Hornby Masonic Lodge, CCL...

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