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This collection contains content sourced from community contributors, including via Kete Christchurch and the Discovery Wall.

Content has also been contributed by Christchurch residents, both past and present, and by visitors. The community is invited to contribute further material through the Discovery Wall and its website, and our annual Photo Hunt.

Kete Christchurch was an online resource facilitated by Christchurch City Libraries from 2009. The aim was to bring together stories, photographs, video and audio, both contemporary and historical, relating to Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula area.

The website showcases the content available through the Discovery Wall in Tūranga, which allows exploration of images of the history of Christchurch with images and videos curated from the Christchurch City Libraries heritage collection and material from other collections.
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Filipino community

Interviews with members of the Christchurch Filipino community about Philippine Independence Day. The interviews took place in 2020 as part of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration 2020 project...
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Haunted by History

Created by Nataliya Oryshchuk and David Allen, NO Productions Theatre. A collection of videos exploring the history of the past of the Sign of the Takahē, Riccarton House, Mclean's Mansion, Cave Rock...
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Milly Hopkins collection

Photographs taken by Milly Hopkins when she was living in and later visiting Christchurch. Her husband was in the Alard String Quartet, which was in residence at the University of Canterbury in 1963...
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Murray Kennedy earthquake collection

A collection of photographs taken between 8 – 11 March 2011. "As the time of the February 2011 earthquake I worked at the Greater Wellington Regional Council, I have since retired. My role of...
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Shane Duffy collection

A collection of photographs from the 1980s and 1990s of Christchurch. Includes a selection of Postcards.
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Talanoa I Measina

Images collected for the Talanoa I Measina – Sharing our Stories exhibition, in the Te Pito Huarewa / Southbase Gallery, Tūranga, 12 November 2020 to 28 February 2021. The exhibition expresses...
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