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Christchurch Hungarian Club

The Christchurch Hungarian Club is a member club for those born in Hungary, descended from Hungarians, or just interested in Hungarian culture.

The club was incorporated 5 August 1975 by the founding members, almost all of which were refugees from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The members began by hosting events in central Christchurch but in June 1975 purchased the Clubhouse at 11 Hardy Street in New Brighton. Individual club members invested in the purchase and paid off $50-$300 at a time over several years.

Today the Club hosts a range of social and cultural events both at the Clubrooms and out in the community.

Image credit: Kopjafák – memorial posts revealed, CCL-CS-43443
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Creators of Kopjafák – memorial posts

The Kopjafák – memorial posts - creators: János Vicsai, István Dénes, and János Rádi. Taken during the unveiling of the posts at Beverley Park, Linwood. The left hand one (male) was carved by János...

Hungarian flags and Kopjafák – memorial posts

Three “new” Hungarians (now returned to Hungary) with Kopjafák – memorial posts – in Beverley Park, Linwood during the unveiling ceremony. The flag with the hole in it is a symbol of the revolution...