Image of Main Buddha statue in Dhamma hall

Samadhi Buddhist Vihara collection

Photographs from Samadhi Buddhist Vihara, the Sri Lankan Buddhist monastery at 358 Maddisons Road, Rolleston.

Samadhi Buddhist Vihara was established in 2002 in Christchurch.

Under the guidance of its chief incumbent, Ven. Bhante Somarathana, the main focus of Samadhi Buddhist Vihara is to spread the wisdom teachings of Lord Buddha among the Sri Lankan Buddhist community, as well as among those who are interested in Theravāda Buddhism.

Image: Main Buddha statue in Dhamma hall. CCL-CS-35111
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Flower decorations (මල් සැරසිලි) and uduwiyan (උඩු වියන්)

Children holding flower decorations (මල් සැරසිලි) and Buddhist flags in the Katina Perahera procession at Samadhi Buddhist Vihara. Behind them are men carrying an uduwiyan (උඩු වියන්)

Karaduwa (කරඩුව) and Uduwiyan (උඩු වියන්)

A lay devotee carrying a karaduwa (කරඩුව) while four men hold a uduwiyan (උඩු වියන්). They are preparing to partake in Katina Perahera at Samadhi Buddhist Vihara.