Sil programme for children in 2017

Kids Sil Programme 2017

Sil programme for children in 2017

Venerable Makuldeniye Somarathana Thero conducted the Sil Programme for children organised by the Sri Lankan Language and Cultural School in 2017.

The Sinhala word "Sil" is derived from the Pali word "Seela". In shortly, Seela means good conduct and good character as per Buddha's teaching. Many Buddhists observe the eight precepts (අට සිල්) on poya days (once in a month). A poya day represents the full moon day following the changing phase of the moon.

Eight precepts: (1) Abstain from destroying living beings. (2) Abstain from taking things not given. (3) Abstain from sexual misconduct. (4) Abstain from false speech. (5) Abstain from taking anything that causes intoxication. (6) Abstain from eating at improper times. (7) Abstain from dancing, music, shows, and beautifying with cosmetics. (8) Abstain from use of high and large seats and beds.


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