Katina Perahera procession

Katina Perahera 8

Katina Perahera procession

A view of the Katina Perahera procession held at Samadhi Buddhist Vihara.
Buddhist monks complete the rainy season sojourn on Vap Full Moon Poya Day. This three month period is very important for the four groups of the Buddhist community: භික්ෂූන් වහන්සේලා (monks), භික්ෂුණී (nuns), උපාසක (male devotees), උපාසිකා (female devotees). This is the period of the year when they can accumulate merit in various ways. Buddhists perform a series of special religious activities. The most important of them is the Katina Robe (චීවර) Pooja or offering of robes to the Maha Sangha.

Katina Puja, or the offering of new robes to Buddhist monks, is long standing religious custom prevailing in all the countries where Theravāda Buddhism prevails. Monks who have completed a period of rainy season sojourn are entitled to receive Katina robe (චීවර) after the successful completion of the period. In the event of a number of monks observing Vas or sojourning for the rainy season at the same place, only one monk is entitled to receive Katina at that place.

The Katina robes are offered to the temple in a procession called the Katina Perahera. The Katina Perahera is a Buddhist practice that marks the end of dwelling indoors by monks during their 3 month retreat. According to ancient epics, the early Sinhala kings performed the Katina Peraheras with much devotion, colour, and grandeur, as is the case today. The Perahera is a major cultural event with decorated bicycles. Devotees carry flags, flowers and lanterns while chanting “Sadhu Sadhu”. Devotees await the arrival of the Katina Perahera on either side of the road, eager to touch and feel the Katina Robe.


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