Bromley Cemetery block plans

Bromley Cemetery block plans

Block plans for Bromley Cemetery showing denominations and plot details. The plans of the blocks and plots include numbering, dates, names of either purchasers or those interred, and notes and annotations.
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Bromley Cemetery block plans
Historical Note
In 1913 the Christchurch City Council sought to expand the amount of land it had laid out in cemeteries. Opposition from residents and the Heathcote County Council prevented the city from extending one of its reserves, Linwood Cemetery, onto adjacent land on the Buckleys Road-Butterfield Avenue corner.

The council owned Reserve No. 211 (25 acres, 3 roods and 33 perches in extent) at the corner of the Canal Reserve Road [Linwood Avenue] and Bromley Road in Heathcote County had been set aside for smallpox hospital purposes. The council decided that it would provide cemetery land for many years and, in February 1915, the Reserves Committee took steps to have the purpose of the reserve altered to that of a cemetery.

In January 1917 the council called for tenders for the removal of the cottage on the site and the soiling of the new surface. By May a well had been sunk and a three-roomed cottage, which would serve as the sexton’s house, relocated.

In July 1918 the cemetery was pegged out and opened for burials. The price of a plot was the same as at the Linwood Cemetery. The opening of the cemetery coincided with the outbreak of the influenza epidemic. The new cemetery became the main burial place for victims on the eastern side of the city.

In 1930 the city council extended the cemetery by a further 40 acres.

There are many Returned and Services Association (RSA) graves, predominantly Great War veterans. Also found here is a memorial for stillborn children and one of the few mausoleums in Christchurch.
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