Plan of part of Heathcote Cemetery

Plan of part of Heathcote Cemetery

Alternative Title
Rutherford Street (Woolston) cemetery
Historical plan of part of Heathcote Cemetery, bordering Rutherford Street.

The plan has plot details, including numbering, names of either purchasers or those interred, and notes and annotations.
Row D Plot 22A has a handwritten note "Skeleton buried here found April 19 1932, F. A. Tooley".
Historical Note
The cemetery was established in the 1860s. People interred in the cemetery had often lived in the Heathcote, Opawa and Woolston parishes. The cemetery was known by various names including Rutherford Street, Woolston, Lower Heathcote, and Heathcote.
The first burials in the cemetery date from 1866 and the map was last annotated in 1978.
In 1982 the Church Property Trustees negotiated with the Christchurch City Council to transfer the ownership of 'Woolston’s old Rutherford Street Cemetery' to the Christchurch City Council.
The cemetery was taken over by the Council in 1983. It is dominated by the larger old style memorials, many of which mark the graves of prominent people from the Woolston area. This cemetery is full.


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