2015 Photo Hunt Postcard

2015 Photo Hunt

The 2015 theme was ‘Arrivals and Departures — The journeys that have shaped us’.

Comment on the photo hunt submissions from the 2015 judges: "It's always a pleasure to view everyone's photo submissions and this year was no exception. The theme of 'arrivals and departures' was broadly interpreted by some and gave us plenty to consider. A lot of the submissions were considerably enhanced by the stories attached to them and there was a fascinating mix of single images and collections."
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Doris Goulding from Hornby with her two children and three nieces outside the Regent Café in Cathedral Square

From left: Maureen Goulding and Helen Fawdray; Kathleen Goulding and Patricia & Janet Finnie. These photos are of my mother Doris Goulding, my older sister Maureen and my three cousins Helen, Patricia...