2016 Photo Hunt Postcard

2016 Photo Hunt

The 2016 Photo hunt theme was "Hidden histories, our stories unearthed."

Both judges, in selecting the winners, reflected on the poignancy that older photos of Christchurch now carry, as Doc Ross explains, "Looking through the photographs and knowing from first-hand experience that the city has to a great degree disappeared the photographs were a pleasing reminder that whilst a physical city may change the social city always remains. Looking at a series of photographs like those entered into the competition reminds us how important documenting society and our personal history is. As is the case now in Christchurch with much of the city gone it is only retrospectively that we realise this."

Tim Veling also found much that was recognisable in the submitted photos - "...looking through the entries of the Photo Hunt competition I saw aspects of myself reflected back at me. The photographs submitted depicted people I didn’t know personally and places I might not have had the privilege of seeing with my own eyes, but they all looked familiar. I guess it was a moment of recognition that we are all shaped by the culture and community that surrounds us. In a broad sense, we are all family."
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Arthur Albert and Charlotte Caroline Fantham in their one horse gig

Arthur Albert and Charlotte Caroline Fantham in their one horse gig visiting the Framptons at 5 Drain Road in Fernside. The two little girls are (left) Beverly Frampton and her sister Theby Frampton...