New Zealand International Exhibition, 1882.


New Zealand International Exhibition, 1882. Record : containing retrospect of the colony, sketch of exhibitions, complete description of exhibits

A record of the exhibits and events at the New Zealand International Exhibition held in Christchurch from 10 April, 1882. The volume begins with a short history of the colony; lists a number of previous exhibitions, international and colonial; records the opening ceremony and speeches; and details the exhibition areas, and local industry and business displays. Advertisements and illustrations are included.
Historical Note
The 1882 Exhibition was a private venture organised by the Frenchman Jules Joubert and the Englishman R.E.N. Twopeny. Temporary buildings were erected in Hagley Park to house the exhibits that had been gathered from various countries. The Exhibition ran for 14 weeks and attracted crowds of 226,000 between April and July 1882.


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