Freezing works, Islington

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Freezing works, Islington

Imperial album caption: "The illustration shows one of the most important industries the colony possesses. The Christchurch Meat Company's Works are situated near Christchurch, and the importance and magnitude of the operations may be imagined from the fact that the total weight of meat exported from this establishment in 1895, reached the enormous total of 128,039,522lbs. The sheep are, in the first place drafted by the company's buyers on the grower's farms, they are then carefully examined and only really prime sheep are passed for freezing. The carcasses are cooled and then frozen. All by-products are saved and utilised, the skins fellmongered, and the wool and pelt shipped to England and America. A large bacon-curing establishment is also connected with the business, and everything done to make the industry thoroughly up-to-date. All refuse, blood, bone, etc., are made into manures, and large preserving works are carried on, and glue, oleo, gelatine, neatsfoot oil, etc., produced in huge quantities.”

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