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View over Christchurch after September 2010 earthquake

Since the ground shook

10 years on

This exhibition commemorates the impact of the earthquakes over the intervening years and launches on the 10 year anniversary of the 22 February earthquake. It will explore the immediate and ongoing impact of these earth shaking events through community images and stories that have been shared with the Christchurch City Library. These images and stories show the rapidly changing environment of Canterbury during times of damage, loss and recovery at personal, community and citywide levels.

Windsor School road cones
Windsor School road cones.

Collecting earthquake related material began with the first earthquake which came to be known as the beginning of the Canterbury earthquake sequence on 4 September 2010. It continues to this day as rebuilding and repairs continue and damaged sites are still a part of the landscape.

These images and stories have been contributed to by a large number of people and has grown into a valuable resource about life since the first event. It is important that we collected, and continue to collect, community contributions. They provide a wide representation of and insight into the experiences that people have had. All of these images and stories are important as they make up life in Christchurch. Making these images accessible for the public is important for our collective memory now as well as looking after them for our future.