Avonmore House

Situated at 203 Hereford Street, Avonmore House was originally built in 1918 as a combined warehouse and offices.

Avonmore House, 203 Hereford Street,10 March 2011
Avonmore House (203 Hereford Street). Contributor (ctb): Christchurch City Council. Heritage team. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

In 1900, Joseph Clarkson purchased Town Section 767 on the corner of Hereford Street and Latimer Square, and the adjoining Town Section 766 with frontage to Latimer Square. On 8 June 1916, architects Maddison and Brown advertised tenders for the construction of a new warehouse and offices for J.B. Clarkson and Company Limited, a motor and cycle importer. On 19 June 1916, Joseph Clarkson Maddison transferred Town Sections 766 and 767 to J.B. Clarkson and Company Limited. In January 1917, J.B. Clarkson and Company Limited rebranded to become Hope Gibbons, Sons and J.B. Clarkson.

Situated on the corner of Hereford Street and Latimer Square, the building was completed by February 1918. The main entrance to the building was on Hereford Street, which opened into a lobby with a staircase. To the right of the lobby, on the eastern side of the building, was the loading warehouse and show room. Carts could access the warehouse from Latimer Square. Beneath, was a concrete basement, designed to hold up to three hundred barrels of oil. The first floor of the building was used for the company offices, while the second floor was a bulk store room. A lift ran from the ground floor to the roof, which, being flat, allowed for additional storage.

In 1921, the firm changed its name to Hope Gibbons Limited. In 1938, the building was purchased by A.M. Satterthwaite and Co Limited, importers, for use as the company’s head office. A.M. Satterthwaite and Co Limited remained in occupation until October 1986.

The building was then leased to Don Lee of Ci Ci Interiors. In 1987 it became known as Interiors House. Classic Interiors was situated on the ground floor, while on the first floor was Casual Interiors, both which were run by Don Lee. The first floor was also the location of Table Talk, operated by Judith Watson, who also managed Top and Tail on the second floor.

In September 1990, the building was auctioned off by the Satterthwaite family. In 1992, the ground floor was converted into a bar and restaurant, Eastside Saloon.

At the start of 2002, Avonmore Tertiary Academy occupied the upper floors of the building which became known as Avonmore House. Kukil Kwan Korean Restaurant and Karaoke occupied the ground floor of the building.

In 2006, the academy operated Arches Café and Bar on the ground floor which was used to train students studying in the hospitality industry.

The building was damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes and demolished in 2011.