Whalebone Cottage

Built in 1867, the house at 704 Ferry Road is an example of an early colonial cottage.

Whalebone Cottage
Whalebone Cottage. Photographer (pht): Victor Wu. In copyright

The dwelling now known as Whalelbone Cottage was built for Daniel and Maria Scott in ca.1867. It had originally been called 'The Homestead' but by the 1880s had been renamed Whalebone Cottage after the whalebone arch that was located over the front gate.

In the 1880s the cottage was leased for a short time to Frederick Hunt, the Woolston doctor.

In 1891 the architect Charles Bailey and his wife Cecily purchased the property. The Baileys modernised the dwelling during their ownership by adding ground floor windows, dormer bargeboards and the verandah. After Cecily's death in 1901 Charles Bailiey subdivided and sold the property to the Moon family who continued to own the property until 1958.

The cottage is a one-and-a-half storey weatherboard dwelling with a corrugated iron roof, dormer windows and a bullnose verandah.

The cottage was added to the New Zealand Heritage List / Rārangi Kōrero as a Historic Place Category 2 in 2005.