William Rolleston statue

The William Rolleston statue, carved by Herbert Hampton, is situated on Rolleston Avenue and was unveiled in 1916.

William Rolleston statue
William Rolleston statue. Creator (cre): Greg O'Beirne. CC BY 4.0

The statue of William Rolleston (1831-1903), the last Superintendent of the Canterbury Province (1869-1876) is situated outside the Canterbury Museum on Rolleston Avenue. The choice of location, where it is also in proximity to the former Canterbury College, commemorates the contribution of Rolleston to both institutions. Funds for the erection of a statue were raised by the Rolleston Memorial Committee which was established following his death in 1903. The statue was carved from Italian marble by English sculptor, Herbert Hampton (1862-1929), and stands on a limestone plinth. Following its unveiling on 26 May 1906, an iron fence was erected, before being removed in 1934.

The statue was damaged when it fell from its plinth and broke its head during the February 2011 earthquake. The statue was repaired and returned to its plinth, with an unveiling ceremony taking place on 21 December 1916.