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Christchurch Teachers College mobile film unit

Steve Gerrand, director of the Christchurch Teachers College film unit, directing a film on Francis Hodgkins. Seated is actress Shaquelle Maybury.

Date 1982-09-11
Format Photograph
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Collection 1982 Star photographs

To be on Stage!

The desire to perform for others and be the center of attention is strong for some, while others prefer to stay in the audience.

Anne Bradshaw

Portraits of Anne Bradshaw, who is a Christchurch actress and appeared in the comedy ‘Formation Dancers’ presented at the Court Theatre.

Date 1971-07-29
Format Negative
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Collection 1971 Christchurch Star negative strips

Absurdism - a collection of Absurdist sketches at LAF

Eve, Cathrine and Andrew perform 'Dog Park' written by Cathrine van Venrooy, directed by Mike Friend.

Format Photograph
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