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Catimbium speciosum

Watercolour painting of Catimbium speciosum (Wendl.) Holtt.

Date 1972-09-13
Format Illustration
Resource Type Image
Collection Gordon Gee botanical illustrations

Burnt whitebaiter's hut

Tahu Hopkinson talking to Don Grady at a burnt whitebaiter's hut on the Ashley River in Canterbury.

Date 1972-09-09
Format Photograph
Resource Type Image
Collection 1970 Christchurch Star Photographs

Robert Porter

[Frame 13] View of Robert Porter, holding the trophy he received from his rugby club Kaikorai, at Christchurch Hospital. [Frames 14 and 15] Views of the trophy that was award to Robert Parker by his...

Date 1972-09-14
Format Negative
Resource Type Image
Collection 1972 Christchurch Star negative strips